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Officer Robert Hindi is a 24 year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has served as a patrol officer, field training officer, high risk patrol K-9 officer and is, currently, assigned to his department's "Homeland Security" Division.
Officer Hindi is an internationally recognized trainer and is the foremost authority on the topic of duty belt equipment safety and survival. He is the first to pioneer this topic with over a decade of extensive, never before studied, research and documentation. He is considered, by today's top use-of-force experts, to be the go-to subject matter expert in this area. 
He is, also, a former Calibre Press "Street Survival" Seminar trainer, demonstrator and lecturer and a certified Monadnock impact weapons instructor. He has, personally, trained millions of officers from around the world including federal, state, county and municipal officers, detention/correction's guards, military special forces, private security, academy staff  and other specialized force-on-force instructor trainers.  
Officer Hindi's training course is specifically developed and comes highly recommended by several police chiefs and training directors, for all duty belt equipment carrying personnel.  His revolutionary system has been documented to make officers safer, faster and more effective then ever before and has been instrumental in saving officers from serious bodily harm.
Officer Hindi is responsible for many life-saving, officer survival related techniques and developments. Two of his most successfully recognized developments are the Hindi Baton Cap, Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System training course and  DVD. His most recent achievement is as a noted author of his new book the "Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System-Survival Training Guide". 
Officer Robert Hindi is one of the most sought after trainers in the realm of officer safety and survival - as it relates to police duty belt equipment deployment.
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