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Every police officer in law enforcement has an opinion, belief and/or theory as to why they think their duty belts equipment arrangement and methods of deployment is set-up the best for survival. However, after looking at all the differing duty belt arrangements from around the world, officer Hindi realized it could not be possible, that all of them can be the best. Officer's believing their system to be the best, must be ready, any time they're asked or challenged, to make a superior defense, or reason (not just a hope) as to why they believe their duty belt set-up is best, because an officers life is on the line... and it may be their own.
The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is a long over due, officer survival related break through! This system has withstood the test of time [12 years of research and development] proving itself to be the absolute "best" duty belt equipment deployment system in law enforcement today. The verdict is in and it's conclusive! The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is PROVEN to be the most tactically advanced, duty belt equipment deployment system ever developed for law enforcement. This is the one duty belt system truly set-up for...survival!
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Fact  # 1  How you place and position your equipment on your duty belt equipment, WILL have a direct effect your ability to survive a physical altercation. 
Fact  # 2  Most officer involved injuries, deaths, department liability and the potential for excessive force related issues WiLL occur as a direct result of improperly placed and positioned equipment.
Fact  # 3  Conclusion: If you can't access and deploy all your immediate life-saving tools... with either hand, with the type of speed, power and precision, as officer Hindi's [book and dvd], provides and demonstrates, your system is tactically deficient. These types of duty belt deficiencies has been directly linked to officer injury, death, department liability and individual officer involved excessive force issues and concerns. The Hindi Duty Belt Safety System successfully addresses all these concerns. It may also prevent a "gross negligence" equipment arrangement charge, against you, your departments trainer and/or administrators by applying this systems proven, use-of-force capabilities?
Is your duty belt set up for SURVIVAL? or FAILURE? Test, See and Compare
  1. The ONLY duty belt equipment placement and positioning deployment configuration of its kind in the world.

  2. The ONLY duty belt fully researched, tested and proven to be the best belt equipment configuration and method of deployment, in law enforcement and/or military history.

  3. The ONLY duty belt set-up proven, the safest, fastest, most effective and efficient means of deploying all "immediate" life-saving, "use-of-force" equipment with ... either hand.

  4. The ONLY duty belt set-up in law enforcement to be completely analyzed and evaluated from both a "scientific" and street tested "tactical" perspective.

  5. The ONLY duty belt set-up that allows unparalleled, multi-equipment deployment capabilities.

  6. The ONLY  duty belt system to harbor thousands of evaluations/endorsements from police trainers, medical professionals, time-reaction specialists and litigation consultants.

  7. The ONLY duty belt set-up in law enforcement today with hundreds of actual documented testimonials proving this system’s superiority in training and real world altercations.

  8. The ONLY duty belt equipment configuration, on a standard belt, that has been both clinically tested and officer proven to diminish and/or eliminate back pain completely due to an equal distribution of weight and strategic arrangement of equipment.

  9. The ONLY duty belt system truly set-up and established for ... officer survival.

The Hindi Duty Belt’s Equipment Deployment System is...
Question: Do you still believe after answering the above question, and reviewing all the above listed facts and evidence, that YOUR duty belt set up, measures up to the Hindi Duty Belt Safety System's research, documentation and two handed method of deployment?  Is your duty belt really, in comparison, set up best--for survival?
Hindi Duty Belt SAFETY System Products
The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System - Survival Training Guide and companion DVD, offered below, are two of the most important "Must See" officer survival resources today. No law enforcement officer or department should be without them. Once you have read and seen this system's amazing two handed accessing capabilities...you'll never look at another officers duty belt the same again.
FACT:  When you become involved in a physical life or death altercation, how you have placed and positioned your equipment on your duty belt, WILL have a direct affect on your ability to survive that altercation.
Realizing that most officer injuries, deaths, department liability and individual officer excessive force related issues, arise from ill-placed equipment, officer Hindi saw the need for a better duty belt equipment configuration system and produced the Hindi Duty Belt Safety System 45 min. DVD. Hindi's system is now being used in training and is hailed world wide, as the best, most efficient duty belt equipment deployment system ever developed in the world of law enforcement today. Officer Hindi believes that an un-tested, un-researched method or school of thought, regarding equipment duty belt carry and/or deployment should have no place determining duty belt equipment configurations. Why? Because, theres no room for errors on the street, and an officers life is on the line. Officer Hindi believes "Seeing Is believing" and "Actions speak louder then words", when determining what the best duty belt system looks like" and that's why he created this  "MUST SEE" DVD. This dvd easily speaks for itself, by convincingly demonstrating with lightning speed and precision, reveals how simple it is to set-up, access and deploy ,in a moments notice, all your immediate life-saving equipment [firearm, magazines, baton, taser, pepper spray, handcuffs, radio and pac mic] with ... EITHER HAND when YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! 
This system's two handed accessing features are built directly into it, providing you with unparalleled, multi-equipment deployment options and alternative that were NEVER BEFORE POSSIBLE and can increase your survival related performance by 50% ..or more! This dvd system's deployment capabilities have been witnessed and approved of by millions of officers world wide at the nationally acclaimed and renowned Calibre Press "Street Survival" Seminars and at the Hindi Duty Belt Training Seminars. This system comes highly endorsed and recommended  by "top" use of force experts and medical professionals. Many officers today, do not know of a "best" way of carrying their equipment because nobody's ever shown them a best way.....until now! You must watch this dvd and see for your self why this system is being hailed by other force on force experts  as being the best duty belt deployment system ever developed.
The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System - Survival Training Guide is the first and only book of it's kind ever written on this critical, yet un-researched area of officer safety and survival -- as it relates to the topic of duty belt equipment configuration and deployment. It is specifically written for all law enforcement and military "duty belt wearing" professionals and, those trainers and administrators responsible for it's acceptance and standards.
The Hindi Duty Belt Safety System is the first and "ONLY", duty belt equipment configuration and deployment system of it's kind, in the world of law enforcement. It is fully re-searched, tested and PROVEN to be the best. It has been researched, evaluated and documented from both a street tested "tactical", and "scientific" bio-mechanical perspective. A project of this magnitude and importance has never been conducted within the realm of law enforcement and/or military history until now! 
This system come fully supported and  endorsed by todays best tactical, medical and litigation experts from around the world as is being hailed as the most efficient, most effective equipment deployment system in law enforcement today.
This officer survival guide is 120 pages in length and has over 300 highly illustrated and detailed photographs supporting it's documented evidence. This system's life-saving officer testimonials are the on-going result of over 12 years of extensive "hands-on" research and documentation.  It comes fully evaluated and PROVEN from both a scientific bio-mechanical "street tested" tactical perspective. The verdict is in and it' conclusive! The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is PROVEN to be the most tactically advanced, duty belt equipment deployment system ever developed for law enforcement today.
Officer Hindi's companion DVD (shown below) completes the understanding of this systems deployment speed capabilities.
Listen below for “Line of Duty’s” LIVE Interview with Officer Hindi
Watch the video below courtesy of “In The Line of Duty”
Read the book’s Foreword by Charles Remsberg, Author of “Street Survival” trilogy.
Bob Willis
Dave Grossi
Author & Co-writers of the Survival Training Guide Book
Robert Hindi
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Order Your Survival Training Guide and companion DVD Today!
To place an order or schedule department training, please contact:
Officer Robert Hindi
Phone: 702-279-8133
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While watching this dvd, test and compare your current equipment deployment capabilities against the Hindi system to see if it measures up BUT remember:
IMPORTANT: If you can’t access all your life-saving equipment with... either hand... with the type of speed, power and efficiency that Hindi's (dvd's) system provides and demonstrates - your system is tactically deficient.
Hindi's "NEW" companion "Survival Training Guide" book (shown above) completes the understanding of this DVD's amazing deployment capabilities in graphic photo detail.
Law Officer Magazine sent out 185,000 requests for police worldwide to find Law Enforcement's "BEST" Duty Belt System.
Officer's were asked to send in their duty belt photos and an in depth explanation as to why they believed there duty belt was the very best duty belt set-up /deployment system in law enforcement today. Taken into consideration was: Comfort, speed and overall, realistic deployment efficiency. The other benefits considered were the belts ability to decrease an officers potential for long and/or short term affects of officer injuries, death , department liability and the potential to decrease excessive force issues, as they relate to duty belt wear.
The results were staggering and the results reflected a virtual landslide in favor of the Hindi Duty Belt Safety System. The Hindi Duty Belt Safety System has recently been awarded the exciting, prestigious title as, Law Enforcement's BEST Duty Belt System.
This is a major contribution for all individual, duty belt wearing police officers around the world to take advantage of.
The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System Awarded BEST Duty Belt In Law Enforcement
10% of all proceeds will go to support the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital & The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund
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To discover if a duty belt is set-up for failure or survival, we must first, understand (3) duty belt survival related facts and their associated consequences, as they directly relate to duty belt equipment placement & positioning.
“In 31 years as a police officer, I’ve never seen such a practical, intelligent and tactical approach to patrol officer safety than this. This book should be an integral part of defensive tactics and officer survival training in every academy. If you haven’t seen this system... you havn’t completed your training.
- Thomas W. Finn
Chief of Police | Boulder City, Nevada
“Having your professional equipment appropriately positioned for immediate access under extremely stressful conditions is critical to officer safety and effectiveness. For Bob Hindi, seeking the best duty belt arrangement is not just a professional responsibility; it’s a personal mission. His unwavering passion and tireless enthusiasm reflect his commitment to benefitting all of law enforcement.”
— Dr. Bill Lewinski Executive Director Force Science® Institute
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