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“If you’re not willing to challenge and test your duty belt’s deployment efficiency... the next suspect on the street will do it for you.” What Are The Experts Saying? Tactical Expert Reviews
“Having your professional equipment appropriately positioned for immediate access under extremely stressful conditions is critical to officer safety and effectiveness. For Bob Hindi, seeking the best duty belt arrangement is not just a professional responsibility; it’s a personal mission. His unwavering passion and tireless enthusiasm reflect his commitment to benefitting all of law enforcement.”
— Dr. Bill Lewinski Executive Director Force Science® Institute
“I know of no other system, regardless of how much training an officer has had, that will allow him or her to access and deploy any of their life-saving equipment with both hands with this kind of speed.  PREDICTION: The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System will become basic duty belt protocol within the next two-three years.”
Dave Grossi (40 yrs. exp.)
(Former) Calibre Press “Street Survival” Lead Instructor
(Current) Calibre Press Litigation Expert Consultant
“I’ve seen hundreds of officers improve their survivability….Allowing an officer to act with incredible speed, surprise and an overwhelming action in close quarters…if combat does result, confrontations, believe me, end much faster.”
Bob Willis (30 yrs. exp.)
(Former) Calibre Press “Street Survival” Lead Instructor
(Current) Calibre Press Litigation Safety & Survival Consultant
“I was initially very skeptical on what could be done to improve (on) something so simple as a law enforcement duty belt.  You’ve opened my eyes and made a believer of me……I have no doubt that your system will save lives and reduce officer injury.”
Ed Nowicki (43 yrs. exp.)
National “Use of Force” Expert and Trainer
Executive Director – EMERITUS  ILEETA
Co-Founder – ASLET
"Superior reaction time coupled with efficient movement is vital during every altercation. Any delay will change the outcome of your confrontation. Therefore, where you place your equipment is vital. Bob Hindi has analyzed and developed an effective and logical system that will immediately enhance the safety of any officer who applies his principles. Every police officer and every trainer needs to watch this DVD and apply his advice, in fact, just one viewing of Bob's DVD on the Hindi S.A.F.E.T.Y System will inspire you to analyze, strategize, modify and then train your transition drills.”
Tony Blauer
Founder S.P.E.A.R. System
Police and Military hand-to-hand Combat Instructor
“The Hindi Duty Belt System brings a new dimension to the term "position of advantage." In any enforcement contact, you not only want yourself physically positioned so you have the edge but the equipment you carry strategically placed in a position of advantage as well. The Hindi System allows every piece of belt-carried gear you may need to save your life to be where you can easily deploy it with maximum speed with either hand. That can make the critical difference between a conflict escalating into a life-threatening crisis or being resolved safely in your favor. Try it. You'll gain a new respect for the fact that your duty belt is really a tactical consideration in your survival. If you arrange it right, it's your effective silent partner on every call.”
Chuck Remsberg (35 years exp.)
Author, the “Street Survival” book series
Sr. Correspondent, PoliceOne.com
“The Hindi system delivers a belt placement process that allows all officers to gain greater, speedier access to all of the equipment they carry under high stress conditions. …Bob has been the first to standardize the belt placement to its best effect. …I can say without a doubt that Bob has been thorough in his research and methodology to obtain the best results.”
Jay Quinlan (29 yrs. exp.)
(Former) Calibre Press “Street Survival” Instructor
Director of “Use of Force” Training
Global Learning Solutions Inc.
 “After reviewing the existing video training material and conducting extensive discussions with Bob Hindi, as well as other national known instructors, I can say without reservation, that I endorse the concepts represented in the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System……. I have modified my duty belt to make use of his system.”
Gary T. Klugiewicz (35 yrs. exp.)                             
Director of ACMI Systems (Active Counter Measures Instructional) Systems
Police One Law Enforcement Consultant
“The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System in “hand to hand combat” makes sense.  The ability to access all your life-saving tools with both hands is critical to victory when confronting violent, aggressive suspects.  Outstanding job Bob!”
Hans J. Marrero (35 yrs. exp.), USMC Ret.
USMC Close Quarter Combat Instructor
Chief Instructor – Taser International
“... Most of my teaching revolves around process – the organization of training methodologies to obtain the best possible result in a real-world setting. ….The more I reviewed Bob’s system, the more I reflected on many of the difficulties trainees had due to equipment management issues, the more it made sense that Bob’s system could help officers access their life-saving tools in the most efficient manner. …
His passion, commitment and research into this area of ergonomics is, from my experience, unparalleled ii the industry.”
Ken Murray (26 years exp.)
Trainer & Author: Training at the Speed of Life and
Advancing Reality Based Training
“The great mind that gave us the Hindi Baton Cap has done it again.  After reviewing the video and speaking with Mr. Hindi, I can only say that I wish I had this system in place since I started on the job… After having completed a movement time and reaction time study, I can see how this system would improve movement and response time in critical incidents, thus keeping officer safer and more efficient.”
Sgt. Joseph “Little Joe” Ferrara (34 years exp.)
Originator of the “Defensive Tactics  for Small Officers”
and Understanding Reaction and Movement Time
“After studying the design of your “HINDI” Duty Belt System/Equipment, I must say I am impressed by your ideas about “quick access” to the right item at the right time...Everything is in order, in priority, and stable when worn-- offering the officer a better chance of survival like no other duty belt that I have seen...Congratulations on what I see as the ongoing success of your great contribution to law enforcement with your Hindi System.”
Gary R. Alexander (45 yrs. exp.)
10th Dan Black Belt, 1974 Black Belt Hall of Fame
Re-Certified U.S. Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat Instructor Trainer
“The Greatest Fighter in the History of Isshinryu Karate”    
President International Association of Martial Arts
“Veteran city cop Robert Hindi makes some excellent points with his duty belt system.  The need for ambidextrous access to each item of equipment, the importance of clearing the lumbar area, and the placement of the glove pouch where it can cushion the lower spine from impact, all make sound and street-proven sense.  This should be standard training, from academy level to uniform committees.”    
Massad Ayoob, (38 yrs. exp.) (Former) Director, Letha Force Institute
Advisory Board member, ILEETA    
Chair, firearms committee, ASLET 1987-2006
(Current) Director of Massad Ayoob Group LLC
“The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System explains, in detail, the safety and survival issues regarding equipment placement on the duty belt.  It should be played at all in-service training sessions and police agencies throughout the country to bring these safety features to the attention of all uniform officers.”
Larry Smith (40 yrs. exp.)
Retired San Diego Police Department Lt.
International Law Enforcement Instructor/Trainer
“I have been teaching the principles of “economy of motion” and how it relates to tactical speed for many years, and the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is a method that epitomizes this principle.  As with the Hindi Baton Cap, I know that the Hindi S.A.F.E.T.Y. System will increase the survivability of cops on the road.”
Chuck Habermehl (38 yrs. exp.)
President of CQB, Inc., Close Quarters Battle
Police & Military hand-to-hand Combat Instructo
“As the training officer for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Corrections Department and an international defensive tactics and Monadnock International baton instructor, I wholeheartedly endorse the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System and the Hindi Baton Cap.  I acknowledge the veracity of what this system claims.  As a law enforcement trainer for over 30 years, I can attest to the officer safety and survival principles and concepts Officer Hindi expresses. … Officer Hindi’s tenacity is bringing a “wake-up call” to law enforcement.  …  This system is ergonomically and tactically sound.  This concept works.”
Timothy Lynch
Training Officer and Monadnock International Baton Instructor/Trainer
“Denial is dreadful defense to resisting changes that make good sense, and Bob Hindi makes good sense.  The key principal is his duty belt arrangement system is making our priority tools equally accessible to either hand.  Bob Hindi has made a quantum leap with duty belt arrangement that can benefit the entire world of law enforcement. … Not only does his duty belt system make sense, he proves it.”
Ron Borsch (43 yrs. exp.)
SEALE Academy Manager and Lead Trainer
Bedford Ohio P.D.    
Military, Police, and SWAT Trainer
“Bob Hindi trains and fights with the heart of a warrior and his development of the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is proof of this.  …  His system enables officers to retrieve their life-saving tools with easy and reflexive action. …  With over 30 years experience, and teaching cops defensive tactics, and confrontational simulations, there is no doubt in my mind that Bob’s Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y System and Hindi Baton Cap will save officers’ lives.”
Dennis Jurasz
Training Manager
DAL Global Services/Security Division
Monadnock International Instructor/Trainer
“As a combat instructor, I believe you hit the nail precisely on the head!  I fully support your system and believe that speed is what officers need to be able to retain and respond under combat pressure!  You have given them the tools, excess-ability and speed officers need for survival.  Good job!  Your system will save officers lives and YOU should be proud!  Your material will be presented in all L.O.C.K.U.P Police Combat training!”
Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret)
KFD Training and Consultation LLC
President and Founder
L.O.C.K.U.P. Police Combat Systems
Police, SWAT, Military Training
“When it comes to effective and efficient training, you are a cut above the ordinary...You were able to show how appropriate equipment placement could affect an officer’s ability to survive during a physical encounter.....I found the system to have four elements crucial for success:
    1.     Simplicity
    2.    Application
    3.    Universal
    4.    Practical
The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is an essential program that can work for everyone. ...The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System can significantly enhance one’s ability to go home in the vertical position!”
Arthur N. Sapp, Owner (31 yrs. exp.)
Technical Training Services
Former Director of the Colorado Springs
Police Department Training Academy
Certified International Police Trainer
Medical Expert Reviews
“As an orthopedic surgeon with a subspecialty training in spinal disorders…  I believe that I have an intimate understanding of the spinal anatomy and biomechanics and how they may, in fact, be affected by external mechanical stresses… the “Hindi Duty Belt System” allows for the maintenance and accessibility of all vital equipment to the police officer while placing them in an optimal ergonomic position so as to minimize and reduce mechanical stresses about the lower back…  It is, in my opinion, an exceptionally well-thought out configuration of equipment that is both enhancing to the officer as well as protective of his spine.”
Jaswinder S. Grover, M.D.
Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
Fellowship Trained in Spinal Disorders
Center for Diseases and Surgery of the Spine
“When we were finished with testing, I thought there would be a minimal difference in the belts—I was unequivocally wrong – the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System was better.”
Brian K. Werner, MPT
Master’s Degree
Physical Therapist
Nationally Certified Specialist
Vestibular/Balance Rehabilitation
Founder of Balance Centers of Nevada
“The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System optimizes the placement and positioning of your equipment on your duty belt.  It will also show you how to access all your equipment quickly, under stress, and from either hand. …   The Hindi Duty Belt  S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is extremely easy to learn.  As such, it is a “must-see” for defensive tactics instructors, who can easily share it with their students. … Law enforcement officers will benefit from the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System, which offers improved odds of winning a physical confrontation in the streets, along with enhanced comfort and decreased risk of injury.”
Fabrice Czarnecki, MD, MA, MPH
Chairman, Police Physicians Section
International Association of Chiefs of Police Treasurer
Public Safety Section, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medical (ACOEM) Member,
ACOEM Task Group: Medical Guidance for Law Enforcement Officers
“As a chiropractic physician for 25 years, I deal with the biomechanics of the human body on a daily basis.  Based on his presentation, I feel the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System can benefits officers anatomically, bio-mechanically, ergonomically and enhances stability and survival performance. … In conclusion, I feel Mr. Hindi’s Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System will prove a worthy asset for his fellow officers.”
Dr. Allan P. Long, Clinic Director
Board Certified, Chiropractic Neurologist
Sahara Health Care
“I have had the opportunity to evaluate the Hindi Baton Cap, and from an orthopedic viewpoint, it appears to be far superior to many of the baton caps available in the market.  I have had the opportunity to evaluate a number of these other baton caps including the one called the DT-NUB with an extension and also its similar device without the extension and other devices which have grooves or areas for placement of fingers.  Unfortunately, I believe that devices such as these actually increase the risk of injury to the digits.  The Hindi Baton Cap with its simple design allows good gripping capacity without restricting the position or movement of the digits.  Some of the other baton caps that I have had the opportunity to evaluate may actually increase the risk of trauma to the fingers by restricting gripping positions and the fingers may become entangled or “caught” in the device.  I commend you on your design and hope that you well with it.”
Jeffrey P. Cichon, MD
American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons
American Board of Orthopedic
   Surgeons: Society of Sports Medicine
American Board of Independent Medical Examiner
“I am a licensed physical therapist with 25+ years experience in clinical evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions…I owned and directed an out-patient physical therapy clinic, Lynn Maguire Physical Therapy, in Las Vegas, specializing in care of injured workers and performed evaluations and treatments for work-related injuries.  We also tested workers’ functional capacities and conducted work conditioning and work hardening programs to prepare the workers for return to the work force. …I also owned Prevent Inc., which is a work injury prevention consultant business which provides Ergonomic Work Risk Assessments and Injury Prevention.  I have published a study in the professional journal “work” which demonstrates the positive effects of work injury prevention training. … I have observed demonstrations by police officers and their equipment for the standard police duty belt and compared it with the Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System and am convinced that the Hindi System is designed to provide for more bio-mechanically efficient and ergonomically safe work by the police officers. … The Hindi System allows easier and faster access to the equipment as it is in front and can be reached with either hand.”
Lynn Macquire PT
Treatment of Orthopedic and Neuromuscular Conditions
Mountain View Hospital
“I am responsible for coordinating the first and longest continually operating officer safety course in the United States, if not the world.  In that capacity, I have, over the past six months, carefully evaluated your S.A.F.E.T.Y. System for duty belt placement of equipment.  After this evaluation, I have concluded that the Hindi S.A.F.E.T.Y. System is one the most important developments with regard to improving the ability of officers to appropriately and effectively respond to threats to their safety in my over forth years of law enforcement experience......It has my  unqualified support and my strongest recommendation.”
Dr. Anthony Lukin is a recognized authority on many law enforcement and security matters.  He has over 40 years of law enforcement experience, from walking a beat to high administrative positions.  He was formerly Director of the Washington State Law Enforcement Training in Washington State, and Special Consultant to the California Department of Justice, Commission on Peace officer Standards and Training POST.  He has qualified and testified as an Expert Witness in state and federal courts in use of force and police polices, procedures and training
“Police administrators, supervisors, trainers and officers must realize....A high level of stress makes it more difficult to think clearly and reduces motor skill performance, both of which effect response time. ... It is recognized that in combat stress situations, fine/complex motor skill performance decreases, but gross motor skills performance increases.  Under stress, joint range of motion decreases as a result of increased muscle tension.  Joint range of motion is critical to an officer’s performance. ...  Therefore, it is critical that the officer’s personal equipment be easily accessible and deployable when they are involved in high stress confrontations.
The Hindi Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y System allows officers to access and deploy their equipment with the speed and confidence, decreasing reaction time and increasing officer safety/survival, therefore giving the officer tactical advantage in high stress confrontations.
I commend Mr. Robert Hindi for his research and development of his Duty Belt S.A.F.E.T.Y. System and his dedication to officer safety/survival tactics and training.  Hindi’s system takes training to an all new level, a level of training that all agencies should consider implementing in the recruit and in-service training programs.
Jerry Konrad
Owner & Operator of Alive Aware & Well
Retired Sergeant - Rochester N.Y.P.D.
20 years experience
Defensive Tactics Instructor - 30 yrs. exp.
(Empty hand, baton, OC, knife defense)
Police Fitness instructor - 20 yrs. exp.
(Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research)
Nationally Certified & Licensed Sports
Therapist - 15 yrs. exp.
Duty Belt System Baton Cap Developer of the
“I purchased your DVD last fall, and immediately implemented your recommendations.  The department I am employed with mandated that all officers watch your video as part of mandatory in-service use of force training.
I am an attorney, a use of force instructor, and a police officer.  I, perhaps, more than most, know how plaintiff’s attorneys make a living by coming up with new and creative ways to scrutinize officers....  Your product has the potential of saving officers’ lives by ensuring access to and fostering immediate deployment of all force options.  Your product may also help save officers’ livelihoods, after the fact, by providing a strong and proven method on which to base an argument to defeat a crafty plaintiff’s attorney claim that an officer was not properly prepared with all force options.”
Donald R. Weaver
Attorney and Counselor at Law
“I recommend that every law enforcement firearms instructor and defensive tactics instructor, and every police chief and law enforcement executive, look at Bob Hindi’s system for placing equipment on a police duty belt.  Good placement of equipment can help prevent injury to officers, and ensure quick, safe success to needed gear in an emergency.  For example, one of Bob’s suggestions can certainly help prevent possible back injury, which is a significant cause of lost work days, medical expenses, and litigation over medical benefits and pensions. I suggest looking at Bob’s system with an open mind, and testing it to see how your current system of equipment placement really compares.”
Adam Kasanoff
Retired NYPD Lieutenant
Attorney at Law
Attorney’s Reviews
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